How to learn your favorite songs on piano

Learning new music isn’t always the easiest thing even if you are an experienced musician. If you are trying to learn your first song on piano or you have a new piece of music that you would like to learn, you could consider using a digital piano to pick up the basics.

Practice makes perfect especially when you are learning a brand-new piano piece and finding the sheet music or even some of the notes that are played throughout the song can be a good start. Many digital pianos actually display the notes or can translate some of the sheet music into a played version of the song that will light up the keys. This can serve as a nice reference guide as you are working to learn how to play the piece.

Learning each hand individually: One of the biggest struggles that many piano players have is the idea of learning the parts for each hand. Trying to jump in and play each hand together is not always easy. It’s always best to consider learning one hand and then picking up the part with the other. Start with your dominant hand first and master that part before you consider learning the part with your non dominant hand.

Slow down and practice often: it may take some time before you can actually play out the piece at its full speed. Once you start to get the rhythm and the hand movements down, you can find yourself working up to playing the piece at its full tempo. Taking the time to even do the movements with your right hand or practice on a digital piano will help you to work at it a bit faster.

Ultimately, learning a new song on piano is something that takes time and practice. With the help of some dedication and a nice digital piano program, you can always have the tools that you need to practice.