Can a virtual piano translate to real piano learning?
If you have never played piano before and you don’t know where to start, you might want to consider the idea of learning in an application or a digital keyboard program. There are plenty of free programs available including the virtual keyboard at this website. What many people are interested in learning however is whether or not learning on a digital keyboard or application like this one could translate to being able to play a real piano?

Here are some top reasons why learning on a browser piano can be just as effective:

A virtual pin labeled with notes: having the notation available in the app and learning some of the letters that go along with the tones can be especially helpful in the early days of learning how to play music. With the assistance of some of these extras in the app you can actually have an easier time with mastering some of the early theory associated with learning the piano.

The piano can be used with your computer keyboard: In order to get some of the hand gestures learned and the movements figured out, it can be very helpful to use traditional keyboard movements. Using the keyboard is one of the easiest ways that you can start to figure out some of these movements which would eventually translate into success when using a physical keyboard too.

Changing tones/using demos: Seeing the keys light up when you are changing tones are using demos can be a big help. Many free tools can help guide you through the process of playing a song by lighting up some of the keys and offering a bit of assistance when you are mastering a new song.

As a whole, learning on a virtual piano to can be just as effective as figuring out how to play the piano for the first time on a physical keyboard.